At Quality Transport Services of Arizona, our focus is on providing superior service. Each year our dedicated team of drivers, dispatchers, and customer service representatives complete over 50,000 rides for people who require a little help getting from place to place.

Who Needs Assisted Transportation

About half of our customers use wheelchairs to aid in mobility. Others may use a walker, crutches, cane, or even be confined to a stretcher. For each person, we provide the personal assistance needed to reach their destination safely.

At QTS, the trip starts with careful planning, to ensure the right level of assistance is available at the right time. This includes identifying the right ADA vehicle to fit your needs. You may need a power lift, lowered seats to ease entry and exit, or the use of our state-of-the-art stretcher system. QTS also provides standard amenities such as fresh sheets, blankets, and pillows.

Quality Transport Services can provide Oxygen to passengers with a prescription for self administered oxygen. 

QTS does not provide real-time medical care or emergency transportation.
If you are faced with an emergency, please call 911.

Safety, Comfort, and Convenience

Upon arrival, the QTS driver is prepared to assist you with moving from your home, bedroom, or even your bed, directly to our vehicle. Our trained drivers are ready to assist in transfers from beds to wheelchairs or stretchers, and in to the vehicle. Our drivers will ensure that you are safely and comfortably secured, in compliance with all ADA specifications, and our exacting standards.

We will pick you up, on-time, and ensure you safely reach your destination in time for your appointment. At QTS, our job isn’t done until you reach the office, room, or even bed you are going to. We’ll ensure you are checked in and ready for your visit.

The Ride Home

When your trip is completed, we will hand you a card with a number to call for your return trip. Meanwhile our customer service and dispatch center will monitor the progress of your visit, so we are ready when you are for the return trip.

When your appointment is concluded, we’ll pick you up and return you safely back to the starting point, or where ever your next destination may be.

QTS | Non-Emergency Transportation

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QTS technology systems allow you to make a transportation request online, direct from our website or mobile device, by email, and of course by calling us directly and speaking with one of our friendly customer service representatives.

When your request is received and scheduled, you will receive a direct email confirmation and verification of your request. If the request is a repeat of a previous trip, simply provide the name of the passenger and our system will automatically populate the request with the address, contact information, pricing and special requirements.

Address Verification, Mapping,
and GPS Tracking

Utilizing our integrated GPS fleet tracking systems, we can monitor, track and locate our entire fleet at any time. The GPS tracking system ensures our drivers arrive on time, every time, safely and securely. We guarantee the best on-time performance in Arizona.

Each vehicle is tracked from the moment the engine is engaged, denotes every stop, idle time, and speed. To ensure accuracy, each address is verified, to include a detailed map which offers route verification, as well as providing a baseline for mileage, regardless of the detours, or additional stops. We even track the vehicle’s maintenance, so our fleet managers are instantly alerted to mechanical problems.

QTS | Non-Emergency Transportation


QTS maintains a state-of-the-art dispatch system. The system was customized to meet the specific needs of our non-emergency medical transportation customers. The system integrates real time scheduling, automated GPS tracking of all vehicles, and smart phone communications with drivers. 

Our integrated software systems employees numerous technical advances and techniques, such as:

  • Eligibility Verification
  • Identification of Special Needs
  • Determination of the Appropriate Form of Transport
  • Maintenance of Rider’s Trip History

Effective and efficient information management is essential in providing a high performance, quality orientated transportation management system. Our demand responsive transit software integrates cutting edge mapping and routing technologies with user friendly interfaces.  This high-tech software also includes an integrated Geographic Information System (GIS) with mapping capabilities that displays locations, trips, and schedules for enhanced analysis and route planning.

Data Entry Efficiency Means Short Call Times

Our system is designed to maximize data entry efficiency through features that allow expedited booking screens and extensive use of tables that eliminate the need to type recurrent information. Passengers are tied to their perspective facility, allowing for a quick glance to confirm eligibility for transportation services. In addition, the passengers transport history and personal preferences are stored in the system and imported into each new trip to decrease processing time. 

HIPAA Compliance

All QTS policies, protocols, and processes are in line with strict HIPAA guidelines.  In addition, our team receives training and certification on an annual basis to ensure full compliance. Privacy and security of all passenger and facility data is stored behind a secure firewall and fully encrypted.

The bottom line is higher customer satisfaction, fewer errors and complaints, and a growing QTS reputation as an industry leader.

QTS | Non-Emergency Transportation

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