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Quality Transport Services

Quality Transport Services of Arizona is one of the longest continuously operating Assisted Transport companies in Arizona. In response to a growing need for affordable, reliable, and safe transportation a new class of transportation was born. QTS filled this need with comfortable vehicles, friendly trained drivers, exceptional customer service, advanced scheduling software, and availability to service our customer's needs.


In 2007, former Phoenix Police officers Jason Schechterle and his partner Bryan Chapman assumed a new role in the community continuing the tradition of Protect and Serve as they took over the operations of QTS. They dedicated their time and energy to provide the highest quality and most professional transportation available. Jason and Bryan fully understood the value of peace of mind, dignity, comfort and safety for all passengers and their loved ones.

Moving Forward

In 2018, QTS became a member of the GC Logistics of Arizona, LLC family of companies, ensuring the depth of resources and talent to continue to grow and serve the community. Today, QTS is understandably proud of the foundation on which QTS was built. We are committed to further enhancing the standards, values, and culture that fuels our mission to provide the highest quality and most professional assisted transportation services available.

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