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We Are Proud To Serve Our Community!


Victoria, Customer Service

What do you appreciate most about the culture at QTS?
“Everyone genuinely wants to help each other succeed.”

What drives your passion to help others?
“I love being able to provide a solution for our clients and passengers. I do my best to show our clients that I’m here to work with them and change any negative perception they may have because of bad experiences they’ve had with other NEMT providers.”

Do you have a fun fact to share with everyone about yourself?
“I am a bit of a local celebrity. I was on the Wallace and Ladmo show in 4th grade with my Girl Scout Troop and won a prize (but not a Ladmo bag).”

Brenisha, Customer Service

What makes QTS different?
“We are different because the QTS team is hear for more than a paycheck. The people behind the scenes really do have our passengers and clients best interest at heart.”

What do you enjoy most about job?
“What I appreciate how much we are appreciated by our passengers. They recognize the time and effort we put into to taking care of whatever they may need. I also enjoy receiving the calls from people who want to tell me how great our drivers are too!”

What do you think people should know about QTS?
“I think everyone should know that QTS is a cut above the rest! From the drivers to the office staff, everyone is a joy to be around and passionate about what they do.”

Would I want my grandparents to be transported by QTS?
“With all bias aside, I can positively say YES!”

Don, Dispatch

What are we unwilling compromise?
“The needs of our passengers take priority above all else.”

What makes QTS different?
“It’s the people who make the difference, be it the professionalism of our drivers, the way customer service team focuses on the smallest of details to make our clients and passenger as happy as possible, the commitment of the dispatchers to ensure everyone is on time and juggling the resources to ensure that we can always say yes. It all starts at the top with the management team and it shows.”

What do you appreciate most about QTS as an employee?
“We have a family like environment that promotes real teamwork. Everyone helps each other, shares best practices and no one every makes you feel like you’re bothering them or that your input or question isn’t important to them.”

Jorge, Dispatch

What makes QTS different?
“We are different because we do whatever it takes and consistently go above and beyond for the passenger and their specific needs. In short, we care about quality.”

What do you enjoy most about your role as a dispatcher?
“As a former driver, I understand what it’s like to be out on the road day after day. I know about the variety of situations that the drivers can run into that make it difficult to do their job. Although I’ve been a dispatcher for the last three years my experience as a driver motivates me to be the support they need.”

What would like people to know about you?
“What I think people should know about me is that is that I have a strong work ethic. I am very committed to what I do and take full accountability for our performance when I’m sitting at the dispatch desk. I also understand that many things can happen out on the road that are out of our control, but I am extra hard on myself to be as perfect as humanly possible for our drivers, passengers and clients sake.”

Cassie, Dispatch 

Why is QTS different?
“As a company we go out of our way to help our passengers and clients. It is so easy to forget why you do the work and focus only on how you do it. Going the “extra mile” makes a huge difference.”

What do you appreciate most about the QTS culture?
“I admire our values as a company. We may be a small company, but we see the big picture and work hard to achieve it every minute of every day.”

Tells us something about yourself that most people don’t know?
“We have an African Desert Tortoise that lives in the backyard. She is 15 years old and her name is Ziggy. Her lifespan is about 100-150 years and will eventually be my grandchildren’s pet.”



Bill K, Field Supervisor

How would describe our service?
“Dependable, Safe, On-Time, Professional Employees, Focused on Customer Service.”

Why is QTS different?
“The QTS team is comprised of caring employees who go above and beyond to exceed expectations.”

What do you appreciate most about the QTS culture?
“We treat everyone as family.”

Randy W, Driver Trainer

What do we stand for as a company?
“QTS is a bighearted, compassionate, loving and caring company. Not only do we feel that towards our passengers, but also their families and the health care professionals that we have the privilege of working with each day.”

What makes QTS different?
“We are obsessed with being on time, every time. Our team loves their jobs and our passengers tell us it shows. The overall culture and environment is very positive. The drivers are full-time employees, which allow us to have a life outside of QTS and the time with our passengers to build strong relationships.”

What do you appreciate most about the QTS culture?
“I’m thankful for the positive work environment that management has created and our team contributes to. The open door policy, the regular recognition of a job well done, and the feeling that management is truly proud of us and recognizes the quality of the service we provide. My co-workers and the management team truly care about our passengers, their physical and emotional struggles, and although limited, management encourages us to take the time we need to make our passengers time with us the best experience it can be.”

What aspect of your job means the most to you?
“Being present with a passenger and their family members as they approach their time to leave this world as we know it. It makes you appreciate life and the people who love and support you.”

What would you like people to know about QTS?
“We genuinely care about them and work to understand what they need and how we can help. We all feel like we’ve succeeded when we hear that a member of our team has made someone’s day and/or turned what would be a negative experience into a more positive one by taking their mind off of whatever burdens they may have, if just for a moment to laugh or exchange stories.”

Matt, Driver 

What do we stand for?
“We strive to be the best in our field and work towards continually raising the bar related exceptional service.”

What makes QTS different?
“We care. Our passengers are not just another transport and we work to show them that by providing the best possible experience. We form bonds with our passengers and clients, which often times turn into valued friendships.”

What do you enjoy most about being a driver?
“Being able to serve those who served our country. It’s not much (in comparison to what they’ve done), but I do what I can to show them how much I appreciate what they’ve done for us. I also look forward to getting know our passengers. It’s important to make a connection and each time I feel like I’m doing what I would hope someone would do for me or my family if we should ever find ourselves in situation that requires me to depend on someone for transportation.”

Rob, Driver 

What do we stand for?
“We go above and beyond and give our clients and passenger 110% every time.”

What makes QTS different?
“The desire to provide quality isn’t forced, it comes naturally.”

What do you appreciate most about the culture at QTS?
“QTS employees are well taken care of and we all work together as a team.”

What inspires each day?
“I always end the day feeling good about myself and what I’ve accomplished. I really like knowing that I was able to do something that helps our passengers, our clients, and my teammates.”

What do you think people should know about QTS?
“We are not only willing, but sincerely want to help out whenever and wherever we can. There isn’t much we can’t or won’t do to make our passengers and client’s day better.”

Tony, Driver 

What do you appreciate most about the culture at QTS?
“The company genuinely cares for the individuals we serve. Management has gone to great lengths to build a team that supports and reflects that.”

What should our clients to know about you?
“I graduated from Arizona Culinary Institute and served as a mechanic on nuclear submarine U.S. S. Honolulu. In 2003 I walked on the ice at the North Pole.”

Jacobe, Driver 

What does QTS stand for?
“We do what’s right for our passengers and clients. We care and want to make sure that the client and passenger are satisfied. This is something we won’t compromise on.”

What makes QTS different?
“It isn’t just a job. QTS has a family mindset.”

What do you value most about the culture at QTS?
“I appreciate the flexibility of the company and that management encourages and listens to what the employees have to say.”

William, Driver

What do we stand for as a company?
“QTS understands that our vans and drivers reflect on the clients we service. We take pride in having a very professional team and vans that reflect the level of respect, care and concern that we have for the passengers.”

What makes QTS different?
“We are different because we don’t want to be the same.”

What do you value most about the culture at QTS?
“The great employee relationship with the management team. Also, the fact that management does a good job filtering out people who aren’t committed to the standards that we believe our clients and passengers deserve.”

Is there anything you would like to share about yourself?
“I train and regularly compete in triathlons and pellet gen competitions. I am #1 in my age group in the state of Arizona and #2 overall.”

Gabe, Driver 

What does QTS stand for?
“QTS is not willing to compromise the health and wellbeing of our passengers or employees.”

What makes QTS different?
“We speak, dress and carry ourselves as professionals. Every passenger is treated with respect and compassion.”

What do you value most about the culture at QTS?
“The positive attitudes and knowing that you can count on all levels of management for the support and resources needed to do my job well.”

What motivates you as a driver?
“If my parents ever needed assisted transportation I would want them to be treated with the utmost respect and professionalism. Everyone we transport is someone’s mother, father, husband or wife and deserves the very best.”

Do you have a fun fact about yourself that you’d like to share with our clients?
“I have a BS in Criminal Justice.”

Randy R, Driver 

What do we stand for as a company?
“We stand for passenger safety, taking a personal and real interest in everyone we transport, a real feeling of family and support for our clients and passengers. I believe those are all things that we are unwilling to compromise.”

Why is QTS different?
“Quality is the difference in every aspect, from the scheduling of the transport until the moment we say goodbye at the final destination.”

What do you appreciate most about the culture at QTS?
“When the company was founded, it was based on the owners desire to provide a service that was better than what he experienced during his recovery from a tragic, life changing accident. He was driven to do something about it and the result was QTS. Although he moved on, he hired management that was committed to his vision and they remain as committed as ever to creating a culture that breeds likeminded people.”

What should our clients know about QTS?
“We exist to serve the passenger in comfort and with respect vs. serving as a worker for a transport company.”

Bill P, Driver 

What does QTS stand for?
“Quality, Reliability and Safety”

What makes QTS different?
“The hiring practices are focused on hiring the very best with an emphasis on those who are committed to service, safety, and teamwork.”

What do you value most about the culture at QTS?
“Quality is evident throughout the philosophy, practices and procedures. Quality is our game, as well as our name!”

Dan, Driver

What do we stand for?
“We won’t sacrifice safety or service, which comes at a price. Because of that everyone is focused on being as efficient and financially responsible as possible. We understand that our clients want the best but also need the value.”

What makes QTS different?
“Anyone can drive a van from here to there. We consider the needs of the passengers and clients and represent them accordingly. The most important thing to us is the person we are with at the moment. We aren’t rushed, nor would we ever consider cutting corners or skipping on safety. We also believe that we have a moral and ethical obligation to do the right thing for the right reason, without fail.”

What do you appreciate about the QTS culture?
“Management is careful to only hire the best. I’m actually quite honored to be part of this team. Recently I was speaking with another driver from the industry who was venting about the compensation and hours he works. He said he’s exhausted, has no personal life and admitted that it was because the job really affected his attitude. Not to mention the frustration and concern he had with the vehicles. He was quick to show me that his van was a 2006 with well over 400,000 miles on it. Those moments make it so obvious to me that QTS wants the best for their employees.”

What motivates and inspires you?
“I’m a happy man. My wife loves me. My children and grandchildren are well and live close by. I’m in good health and dare I say, pretty sturdy because I exercise a lot. I have faith in God. My life is really just one big good luck charm. And . . . I like my job!”

What should our clients know about QTS?
“We don’t want to be the biggest; we want to be the BEST! We have a slogan on our wall that says it best ‘Be Safe, Be Nice, Be on Time'”

Are there any fun facts you would like to share about yourself?
“Prior to working at Quality Transport, I worked in Quality Control for Pepsi Co. I guess I’m just a “Quality” kind of guy!”

Tyrone, Driver 

What do you appreciate most about the culture at QTS?
“I appreciate that QTS does its due diligence in perfecting every area in the business to make it the best. I also admire the fact that management truly cares about their employees and the people we transport.”

What motivates you related to your role at QTS?
“I took care of my great grandmother before she passed. In addition to knowing that eventually we will all need help at some point in our lives, that experience drives me to do what I can for those who are in need today. I have a great deal of respect for those who came before me.”

What should people know about QTS?
“I would like them know that QTS is committed to performing our responsibilities to perfection and exceeding our passengers and client’s needs.”

Ignacio, Driver

What makes QTS different?
“We are always on time and do exactly what we say we’re going to do.”

What do you appreciate most about the culture at QTS?
“The people. Every time I come to the office everyone takes a minute to stop and say hi and see how I’m doing.”

What do you think our clients should know about QTS?
“We are the best in our market and we continue to look for ways to improve.”

Chase, Driver

What do we stand for as a company?
“The safety of our passengers and the integrity of our team.”

What makes QTS different?
“We are different because we are totally service based. Meaning that strive to go the extra mile for our passengers and clients. We are expected to take the necessary amount of time to what’s best for our passengers.”

What do you appreciate most about the culture at QTS?
“It’s always a friendly environment and management is always there to help and make sure that the employees are well taken care of.”

Sergio, Driver Lead

What do we stand for as a company?
“We stand for quality in ALL that we do and we will not compromise the quality of our service, which is second to none.”

What do you appreciate most about the culture at QTS?
“The fact that we are empowered to use our best judgment and resolve issues for our passengers and clients.”

What motivates you?
“The opportunity to learn from and about the people we transport.”

What do you think people should know about QTS?
“We are like a big family and everyone has the highest level of respect for each other, as well as our passengers and clients.”

Luis, Driver 

What do we stand for?
“The highest level of quality that NEMT transporter can provide.”

What makes QTS different?
“A professional driver will arrive on time in a clean and well-maintained vehicle.”

What do value most about the culture at QTS?
“I appreciate what management does for the employees and the people we service; I know how hard it is.”

What motivates you as a driver?
“I have a strong work ethic and I enjoying meeting new people and exchanging stories with them.”

What should people know about QTS?
“We are on time! I hear it from so many of our clients and passengers and know that they appreciate it.”

Mike, Driver

What makes QTS different?
“I would suggest that it’s something people have to experience for themselves.”

What motivates you as a driver?
“I enjoy meeting the people we transport and admire their determination to overcome whatever physical obstacles and challenges they may be facing.”

What do you think people should know about QTS?
“They should know how passionate the company is as whole. I’ve never worked for a company where every single person pushed day in and day out to make sure they exceed the client’s and passengers expectations. Everyone is driven to do their very best.”

Isaac, Driver 

What does QTS stand for?
“We stand for the same thing the Army stands for…LDRSHIP”

• L – Loyalty

• D – Duty

• R – Respect

• S – Selfless Service

• H – Honor

• I – Integrity

• P – Personal Courage

“Leadership is who and what we are. We set the standard for what we do, and the standard is high.”

What makes QTS different?
“Customer service is something that is shown throughout the company, not just something we incorporate. QTS walks the talk.”

What do you appreciate most about the company culture?
“I don’t feel like an employee…more like family. And that’s a great feeling.”



Dana McWilliams, Managing Director

What makes QTS different?
“The Employees. Each member of the QTS family understands that accepting a position at QTS is a significant commitment and requires a passion for compassion. The quality of service provided reflects the quality of the people who provide it; therefore it’s the responsibility of the management team to demonstrate in all that we do the same the level of caring, understanding, and desire serve that we expect the team to show our clients and passengers.”

What are we unwilling to compromise?
“We focus on value vs. rate. Although the market may point us in the direction of cost cutting, we take direction based on our clients and passengers needs instead of following the industry down a path that continues to move away from the human aspect of service, safety, and compassion.

The feedback we receive from the healthcare professionals we partner with, as well as the various members of the community who depend on NEMT for their mobility, only confirms how expensive it can be for all involved when service providers feel they must compete at the lowest possible rate, while cutting significant corners to sustain their existence.”

What do you value most about the culture at QTS?
“Our Culture is about taking care of our #1 asset, our employees. How we use our time and treat each other internally will shine through in all that the employees do related to the customers, i.e. companies don’t help customers… people do. In turn, the team is inspired to focus on the opportunities that allow our passengers to think or talk about anything other than what is typically weighing on their mind. We develop relationships and provide a level of camaraderie that is as meaningful to the employee as it is our clients and passengers. Simply stated…we are in the business of creating opportunities for some much needed humanity in disconnected, fast-paced world.”

What motivates you each day?
“I’m driven to create a culture and service process that provides our team with the resources to make our clients and passengers experience with QTS the best it can be. Since each individual has a different perspective and expectation related to what excellent service looks like, it takes a genuine desire and strong work ethic to achieve this standard.”

What should our clients know about QTS?
“QTS takes great pride in going the extra mile. I would love for our clients to have the opportunity to get to know the QTS team on a personal level. I continue to be amazed by the strength, determination and passion that each one displays in their own unique way. Quite honestly they are the best! I’m so proud to have them represent “Quality” and consider it a privilege to help them achieve their goals.”

Jim Schott, Resource Utilization Manager

What do we stand for as a company?
“Honor, we take full accountability and do what we say we’re going to do. Integrity, we are willing to go to the distance to insure our commitments are met, and do what is right for our clients and passengers without fail. Compassion, we treat each other, our passengers and clients as family.

Clients and passengers are not numbers to us. The very nature of the business is non-emergent but the service provided is a necessity and we will do whatever it takes to make sure their experience with QTS exceeds all expectations.”

What do you appreciate most about the culture at QTS?
“To truly be a successful business leadership must understand that the employees are the most important factor. The QTS culture is based on this mindset and I believe sets the bar when it comes to this. Nowhere have I worked, prior to joining QTS, that has invested as much time, effort and energy as the leadership at QTS does. It is understood from the top down that all results will happen through the people and that anyone can be successful when they have been given the resources and support they need to achieve their personal goals, as well as the goals of the company.”

What should people know about QTS?
“What people should know about QTS is that regardless of outside influences or economic factors, QTS will continue to deliver the highest quality service. There are no shortcut and no cutting corners. Our core values mandates that our clients and passengers come before all else and everyone is to be treated equally. There will always be a need for discounted services; however, QTS will not compromise Quality for Quantity. In addition, consistency creates credibility and the one thing QTS does bette than anyone else is deliver the most consistent and reliable service available.”

Travis Russon, Quality Assurance Manager

Why is QTS different?
“Customer service and compassion is the backbone of this company. Whether it’s the CSR’s who go the extra mile by confirming each and every transport or the drivers who provide door through door service and a ride with a smile. Quality is our standard and I feel like we have raised the bar for all NEMT providers, which means that everyone is receiving better care during transport whether they are being transported by us or another provider. We will continue to push ourselves and the NEMT industry to step up and deliver the very best.”

What inspires you each day?
“Although most of my days are spent in the office, I do get the opportunity to speak to our passengers. It makes me smile to hear the stories from those who have been with us long enough to develop close relationships with our drivers and dispatch team. Each passenger seems to have a favorite, but they all end their stories with the same comment, which is….everyone at QTS is the best. This is what keeps me coming back day after day and is what motivates me to help create a positive experience for each client who calls and every passenger we transport. It’s nice to know that each and every day I have the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life.”

What should people know about you?
“In my free time I enjoy the sport of Dog Agility where I train and compete with my Border Collies Nixon and XOXO. I also love classic Volkswagens and have restored and show a custom 1955 beetle. ALSO…I’m also currently on the lookout for an original paint VW Thing. If you know of any dilapidated VW’s out there that could use a good home, I would appreciate the lead :).”

Shari Leyva, Controller

What does QTS stand for?
“We do whatever it takes to make sure our passengers are comfortable and have the best possible experience with us. We will not just drop and go. Our drivers will go the extra mile to make sure the passengers are well taken care of.”

What makes QTS different?
“Our team has heart and it shows. Anyone who’s just looking to collect a paycheck need not apply. We only hire the best because that’s what it takes to make sure our passengers and clients are happy.”

What do you value most about the culture at QTS?
“The compassion, leadership and professionalism.”

What motivates and inspires you?
“It starts with our manager who is always going the extra mile and doing whatever it takes to make our passengers, clients and employees happy. The employees see her drive and compassion and they are motivated by her example, she’s truly the perfect person to have as our leader in our quest to be the very best.”

What should people know about QTS?
“We will do whatever it takes to make sure each transport is completed with kindness, compassion and care. We do what we can to ensure our passengers have the best experience possible. Many of our passengers have built strong relationships with our drivers, dispatchers, and customer service. QTS is all about providing a much need service in manner that goes far beyond the industry standards.

We are proactive vs. reactive and we take every opportunity to learn from obstacles and challenges and it shows.”

“I’ve been waiting for a second to write a little letter to you all. For the past five weeks here we have had little or no contact with the outside world…I always think of all of you. A lot of the people here talk about their jobs and say they don’t miss it. When I disagree with them they look at me like I am crazy! The first 3 weeks were really hard. Glad to say that now I am kicking butt. I am also proud to say that I was chosen to be team leader out of 200 students. QTS is always in my prayers and I can’t wait for the day to see you all again and be back at work.” – From a team member serving in the Armed Forces reserve

“We have professional qualified employees experienced in medical transport and will go above and beyond what the client need in order to satisfy them.”

“We are large enough to service through the valley, but small enough to know you by name when you call. Our system is able to save previous transportation info as reference if info is needed. Attempts are made to keep on going contact available so feedback can be received and executed in timely manners. Drivers are always clean, professional and courteous. Best attempts are made to work with clients either it be pricing or accommodations.”

“All drivers are courteous and professional. We go beyond our job description in order to make sure client is taken care of. Our percentage rate of being on time is the best in the industry. We provide wheelchairs or stretchers for the clients need. We have equipment for the client in any given emergency such as vomit bags, or urine bags if any such emergencies were to take place.”

“We are hard working. We all take pride in our service (over the phone or in person). No one is considered “just a number”. 100% follow through is expected from us. Effort, empathy and enthusiasm will be experienced.”

“We provide a great service that focuses on the patients needs.”