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Mr. Jeremy B.’s caregiver, Dave called to let us know that driver, Paul is exceptional! Dave went on to say that the way Paul cares for his patient, putting him at ease and making sure he is comfortable with all aspects of the transport, is why they feel Paul is simply the best! – Dave, passenger’s caregiver

When Community Relations Manager, Victoria called to see how things are going at SWC, Terri said “everything is good and driver, Randy W. is awesome!”– Terri, client

During a phone call with Mrs. Claudette M.’s daughter, Peggy, she let us know that driver Alex was perfection during her mother’s transport today! Peggy said Alex helped safely transfer her mother using the hoyer lift, was very safe and helpful and made them feel wonderful about the whole transport. She also went on to say that he was very friendly and professional. – Peggy, passenger’s daughter

Mr. Joseph F. called to share his appreciation for the fantastic service drivers Kevin, Dan, Cory and Travis provided him during his last transport. He said they did a wonderful job and he is so thankful for them and all that they did to assist him. – Mr. Joseph F., passenger

Mr. Frank C. called to express his appreciation for QTS and our efforts to support the veterans and he said “I also have to tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Sean today.” He said driver Sean was such a joy to talk to and described him as “ just wonderful, so knowledgeable and kind” – Mr. Frank C., passenger

Mr. Barton C.’s son, Frank called to set up a transport for his father. He was unhappy with the previous transport service he was using. When provided with a quote that was a bit higher than they paid the other company, he was a bit hesitant, but said they would give us a shot and scheduled the transport. The day after we completed the transport, Frank called to say he was really pleased with how everything went and scheduled another transport. – Frank C., passenger’s son

“After a very serious surgery, I had the pleasure of being transported from Mayo Clinic to a rehab facility by a fine gentleman, named Murphy. He was so personable, helpful and professional, making my transition “alone” (my family was unable to be with me) safe, comfortable and a true delight. Murphy is intelligent, well spoken and a true gem! My sincere thanks” – Ms. Dorothy C., passenger

Mr. Elmer V.’s wife called in to let us know that Driver, Sean is “the nicest most gentle man” and that she and her husband both enjoyed their ride home with him so much! – Mrs. V., passenger’s wife

Nancy, a nurse at JCLNM was present when Driver, Matt completed a transport for Ms. Avanell C. this morning. She wanted us to know she was so impressed… Nancy said that over the course her time in the healthcare industry (10 years) she’s worked with a lot of NEMT providers and based on what she saw today, we are the best. She went on to say that Matt was just wonderful; extremely professional, responsible and kind. Nancy said the typical driver literally wheels the patient through the door and leaves. Although they expect the driver to check the patient in and make sure they’re in the right place, she didn’t think she would see the day when a driver would wait with the patient because she was waiting for her daughter to arrive, who was already nervous and worried about her mother. Thank you Matt! – Nancy, client

“Sean is such a nice driver, so pleasant and polite. He did a great job with my husband – he felt very safe with Sean.” – Mrs. Z., passenger’s wife

Mr. Michael A.’s wife called to let us know that she thinks Donald is a great driver and she truly enjoyed their time with him yesterday! – Mrs. A., passenger’s wife

Mr. Duane S. called to let us know that Alex is the best driver he’s ever had. He couldn’t say enough about how professional, safe, and courteous he is! – Mr. Duane S., passenger

Wife of Mr. Ronald S. called and had nothing but great things to say about Driver, Donald. She said he did a wonderful job with her husband today during his transport!

Lance from Vets2Work said “I enjoyed being partnered with Roberto. Roberto is a fantastic employee and an even greater person. When we weren’t busy providing quality customer services, we were sharing quality conversations. I am overwhelmed by the graciousness of you and everyone I came into contact with at QTS. I really appreciate your support and I hope we can provide community services together in the future.”

On behalf of the QTS Management Team, I’d like to take a moment to recognize Driver, Matt for all he does to help our passengers, both on and off the clock. In addition to Mr. John P and Mr. H, he set aside some personal time to take Mr. Ralph T. to get groceries. He leads by example and in many ways, encourage others to do the same. It also happens to be a wonderful reminder as to why we’re here and how important it is to do for others what we would hope someone might do for us, should we find ourselves in a similar position one day. It makes me so proud to know that we are far more than a transport company. We are a gathering of individuals who want to be a part of something meaningful, to include sharing and celebrating the things that count most each day. Thank you for being such a kind, warm and giving person Matt.

Mrs. Patricia M.’s daughter called to praise the job Driver, Jasmin did while transporting her mother. She said her mother is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s and usually has no opinion of anything one way or the other, but on this occasion just would not stop telling her what a fabulous job Jasmin did with her transport. She went on to say that she has our number saved to speed dial and will call us anytime she or her mother need transport. – Ms. Cheryl M., passenger’s daughter

Mr. Sam M. called to let us know what a great job Driver, Jasmin is doing and he wanted the owner to know she deserves to be rewarded for her hard work. He went on to say that he wishes he could have her for every one of his transports. – Mr. Sam M., passenger

“Your driver was on time, very professional and friendly to talk to, which was nice since I was a bit nervous for my cataract surgery. When it came time to take me home, he was right on time and actually escorted me right to my door. Very nice service. If I ever find myself in a situation where I need that type of transport again, I will definitely call you!” – Mr. Richard B., passenger

Client Alex wrote “I just heard today about what your driver did for our patient some time ago; how he stayed around for four hours and let our patient use your oxygen without the authorization and how he made the whole ordeal so much less painful than it could have been. I just wanted to say thank you for your QUALITY service. Please forward my sincere thank you to your team who truly represents the name QUALITY.”

Mrs. Sandy A. called to set up a transport and wanted to thank us for the card we sent when her brother-in-law passed away. She said it was very thoughtful and she thinks of everyone at QTS as family. – Mrs. Sandy A., passenger’s wife

We received a note on Friday saying “Sergio, you drove me to Mesa on Monday, June 22nd and helped me get up the stairs at Western Vascular Clinic. This tip is for your great service. Thank you.” – Mrs. Pat W., passenger

Mr. Herman S.’s daughter called to let us know that both drivers who transported her father were great! She said Randy W. and Chase were exceptional, punctual, efficient, clean and safe! She was very pleased with how both drivers treated her father. – passenger’s daughter

Client JT said he originally planned on calling several NEMT providers to get a better understanding of what he could expect related to cost, however, we were his first call and after speaking to CSR Jesi, he knew he found the right company and there was no need to look any further. JT said Jesi was very professional, thorough in asking the right questions and extremely helpful in explaining the process.

A woman named Stephanie called in to let us know that she was so impressed by what she observed from Driver, Zach. She said he went “beyond the call of duty” to help our passenger whose wheelchair was not properly working. The wheelchair kept pulling toward the gravel, but Zach was patient in the heat and made sure he got the passenger inside safely.

Mrs. Angela G. called to let us know the status of her husband, a regular passenger with QTS. She asked that I thank everyone for all that we have done to care for her husband and she specifically mentioned Tyrone, Matt and Ignacio. She said that they have a special relationship with Mr. Gonzales, just as she has with Don and Bre- describing them as “exceptionally awesome.” – Mrs. Angela G., passenger’s wife

“Please let the powers to be know that they are very lucky to have an employee like Randy W.! My mother was quite apprehensive about the ride, but Randy was very kind and helped put her at ease. He was very pleasant and very professional!! I will definitely use your service next time the need arrives and will request Randy if he is available.” – Mr. T., passenger’s son

Mr. George G. would like to recognize Sal for going above and beyond to help him out. He explained that Sal does everything he can possibly do to make sure he’s comfortable.

“Your drivers are all always great!” – Ethel K. and Elaine G., passengers

“Heath is an awesome driver and I feel safe with him behind the wheel.” – Mr. C., passenger

“Randy and Matt helped me immensely today. It was a rough day and I was in a lot of pain. They made me so comfortable. They kicked butt for me today! I’d also like to recognize QTS as a whole. I love everyone there… it’s a great company. I especially appreciate all that the dispatch team does for me, specifically Travis R., Bre and Don.” – Mr. George G., passenger

“I have been a registered nurse for 25 years and during that time I’ve dealt with a lot of people; by far Jesi is one of the nicest, most thorough customer service professionals I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with. Jesi took the time to verify and make sure that everything was accounted for and correct, which was greatly appreciated. The fact that she takes the time to make sure everything is just right and does it in such a pleasant and professional manner is a rare and winning combination.” – Mrs. Elaine O., passenger

Mr. James I. ordered pizza for the office today! He said if it weren’t for QTS, he would not be able to do half of what he is able to accomplish on a day to day basis.

“Thank you for the excellent service!” – Beth H., client

“QTS has far exceeded our expectations. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate the professionalism and punctuality of your company.” – Robert M., client

Client Sandy A. called and welcomed Jesi M. to the Dispatch Team and assured her that she is going to love it at QTS. “it’s such a great company, you’re going to be very happy there.” Sandy also commented that she loves all of our drivers, however, she’s partial to Jasmin and Eric. – Sandy A., client

“Darl was simply amazing in dealing with the transport that just took place at Williams Field Airport. The way Darl handled the TSA process was outstanding (they did a thorough inspection of him and the stretcher); he didn’t rush the process, was very patient and stayed with us until we were on board and all was clear. Darl was GREAT!” – Seth, client

Rita A. called to let management know how much she appreciates Cory. “The transport provided by the facility was an awful experience. They made my sister move herself over from the bed to the stretcher and she was in tremendous pain. Once the facility was notified that we were moving my sister to another rehab they stopped providing any type of assistance. From the minute Cory arrived, I knew he was special. I could go on and on, but just let me tell you that he is such a wonderful, compassionate and kind soul. He even said that he’s the lucky one, that he’s so grateful to have the opportunity to make a positive difference. When we arrived at the rehab facility, another angel from QTS appeared to see if he could be of assistance, just because he wanted to make sure to help if he could while he was waiting for the nurses to let him know when his passenger would be ready for transport. We’ve experienced many different people and places related to my sister’s illness and just in the short time we had with Cory and Roberto, it was just wonderful.” – Rita A., passenger’s sister

“I just set up a discharge from a patient’s home to our facility and discovered that QTS has been transporting them as a private pay client for the last several weeks, per the passenger’s wife. It makes perfect sense… his wife did say that if we have any trouble with transportation we should call the company they use because they’re PHENOMENAL!” – Torrey, client

Tom S. called to let management know that after three plus years with QTS, Cory is by far the best driver they have ever had, which is saying a lot as they have been happy with all of our drivers. He went on to say that although they enjoy Cory’s company, it’s much more than that. “Cory embodies a rare mix of character, compassion and heart that is hard to come by and every employer’s dream.” – Tom S., client

“I’d like to thank you and all of your employees for providing my wife with the quality service you gave her. She is now finally able to get in and out of our vehicle; however, we still may need transport in the future and will definitely call QTS for assistance. Thanks again QTS.” – Mr. P., passenger’s husband

Mr. Donald H. called to express his gratitude for Matt. He explained that Matt sets aside several hours of his personal time to read Mr. H’s mail for him, as he only has a limited number of people he trusts. – Mr. Donald H., passenger

“The nurses were rushing and pushing for an ETA, even though the driver was expected to arrive well within the pickup window and Ben was so polite and accomodating; calling to update me every step of the way. I was so impressed and really appreciated the extra effort he made to be the go-between and minimizing the amount of work and calls on my end.” – Torrey, client

“Matt’s been so helpful the last couple of days. He always goes above and beyond to make sure I’m comfortable, carries all my things in for me and waits until I’m inside the house before he leaves.” – Mr. George G., passenger

“Sometimes I have a difficult time waking up in the morning, but that’s not a problem because Don and Bre look out for me with wake up calls.” – Mr. George G., passenger

“Jonathan is a very caring, efficient and knowledgeable driver.” – Mr. and Mrs. S., passenger and wife

Client Good Shepard Peoria took the time to recognize QTS at the Open House today. It was very nice. They said that not only did we make several trips to get their patients to other facilities during this stressful time, our Driver Manager took charge of the situation and helped maintain an orderly manner in which our patients were loaded and prioritizing who needed to go where. Although they were prepared to pay for the services, they were moved by the fact that we were there because it was the right thing to do and would not be charging them for our services.

“I wanted to let you know that yesterday was the last day of my treatments and I just wanted to thank you and let you know that this has been the most excellent service I’ve ever had!” – Mr. Thomas L., passenger

“I just had to call and compliment your driver Ben. I think every crazy driver in town is on the road this morning. I cannot believe the way people are speeding to get in front of your vehicle and slamming on the brakes… it’s enough for anyone to snap. As I was getting upset I was so impressed that your driver remained so calm and polite, even stopping to let others in when they were going out of their way to make it impossible for him. It was amazing.” – Charles, Valley Motorist

Mr. Edwin S. would like to compliment Chase and Bill for their professional, courteous service. He said that “after working for Greyhound for 41 years I know a thing or two about transportation and I would ride with your drivers anywhere!” – Mr. Edwin S., passenger

Client Gaylynn called about the transport Cory completed for her patient. She said that Cory was such a professional, as well as kind and accommodating. She said the family even mentioned how impressed they were with Cory. – Gaylynn, client

I would like to share an experience that Camille and Jacobe provided this afternoon for our passenger, Mr. H. When Mr. H. called to confirm his transport for the following day, we let him know that the facility will be transporting him. He was upset and said that he really needed to go with QTS. When I told him that we would do what we can and asked him how can we help, he said he was unable to wear his shoes due to some complications that made his feet swell. Mr. H. is on a budget, therefore paying for transport to and from the store while someone assisted him with finding shoes was not an option. Long story short, we waited until we had some time on the board and driver Jacobe H. volunteered to pick up Mr. H. and proceeded to take him to pick out some new shoes that fit and took him back home. On behalf of the QTS Management Team, thank you Camille and Jacobe for your commitment to our passengers and clients.

During Cory’s regularly scheduled transport of Mrs. S, her son Tom expressed how much he enjoys working with Cassie, a member of the QTS Dispatch Team. Cory said that he was very complimentary and asked that Cory relay the message to the management team. – Tom S., passenger’s son

Mr. George G. called to thank the team for the nice card and for checking in on him. He said he really appreciates all that you do for him. – Mr. George G., passenger

Mr. George G. called this afternoon to pay a compliment to Isaac for today and all of the other transports he has completed for him this week. He said he enjoys his company and feels extremely safe with him at the wheel. He went on to say that he’s always singing our praises and refuses to ride with other NEMT providers, as he knows it will be a safe and comfortable transport, not to mention the fact that the office staff is always so friendly and helpful. – Mr. George G., passenger

“Thank you for such great service. Rarely does anyone provide such a consistent level of service and the part I enjoy best is the fact that I feel like I know everyone. When I’ve had to deal with other companies- it’s like you rarely talk to the same person twice.” – Lori, client

Mr. Jack H. called to say that he’s very impressed with our service. He went on to say that “Sergio was just wonderful with my wife. He made us both feel so safe and confident that she was in good hands.” – Mr. Jack H., passenger’s husband

Patty R. sent a nice note thanking Camille for her kind words regarding the loss of her mother. “Thanks for your email Camille, it was so beautiful. You could write for Hallmark and we have never even met! What a great soul you must have, Camille.” – Patty R., passenger’s daughter

“I am so happy with your service. I was with a patient on Wednesday night when your driver, Travis M. arrived. It was already a very long day for me and when I approached the parking lot, on my way out to my car so I could follow your driver, Travis offered to take me to my vehicle. It was such a nice gesture, so thoughtful, on top of the compassion that I already witness from your drivers. This particular passenger had difficulties that made things like changing environments a very difficult process, however, he was again, so compassionate and thoughtful, explaining every step of the way and regularly reassuring the patient, who was responding very well to him.” – Valerie, client

Mr. Jorge M asked that we extend a very special thank you to Jasmin. He said that she’s an excellent driver and very courteous. Mr. M said that he appreciates all of our drivers, but Jasmin is “absolutely exceptional.” – Mr. Jorge M., passenger

“Thank you for the nice holiday wish, but more importantly thank you for all you do for the folks at Justa. In addition to the many members QTS has provided transportation for, I want to mention one in particular. He is from Ethiopia and suffers from Huntington’s Disease. Every month your drivers transport him to and from the Mohammad Ali Parkinson’s Clinic at St. Joseph Hospital. While at the clinic he receives help that would not otherwise be possible. Thanks for everything you do for The Justa Center.” – Oly, client

“I’d like to thank you and the entire QTS team for your excellent service over the last year!” – Tamara T., client

“Jacobe and Eric were perfection today and I will definitely recommend QTS to others.” – Mrs. Lynn S., passenger

When Customer Service called to confirm a transport with Mr.Raymond L., he wanted to let us know we’re doing a great job. He said that when he goes to the hospital for his appointments “it’s not something I look forward to, but Dan makes it easy for me.” – Mr. Raymond L., passenger

Elaine G. wrote a letter to QTS and Driver, Chase, to let us know how grateful she is to him and his assistance when she had what she described as a potentially life threatening situation. -Elaine G., passenger

“I wanted to let you know that QTS has been taking care of me for some time now and I’ve been able to get to know all of your drivers. Although each one is great, your new hire Rob is phenomenal. I really enjoy my time with him and wanted you to know.” – Ralph A., passenger

“I called in earlier to check on a reservation that had been cancelled, per the family’s request, because they wanted to go with the lowest rate. Unfortunately they got what they paid for. The patient was on board with another company when the van caught a flat. The family and I are very upset because the other company’s driver had the patient wait in van, which was disabled in the middle of the road. I told the family that’s exactly why we use QTS and urge the patients and their family to do so.” – Bessie, client

Mr. B’s son called to thank everyone, especially the driver. He said “you guys offer a wonderful service”, and went on to say that “I am worry and stress free knowing my father is in such good hands”. – son of passenger, Ken B.

“Your drivers and customer service people are great! Our residents, Mary S. and Dan K. were very happy with the service; and so was the staff. Will be using QTS for all future transports.” – Nikki, client

“The driver who transported Ester L today was just a joy. I was very pleased by his professionalism and courteousness with the staff and the patient. He was very attentive towards the patient’s needs and everyone was impressed by his demeanor. Most of all, I just wanted to make sure that I thanked you for the service that QTS provides. I wish we could use you for all of our transports.” – Shannon, client

“My driver was outstanding, polite and an overall great guy. I can’t thank you enough for having such great drivers. I told the driver that I’m retired from UPS now, but if I wasn’t, I would do whatever it takes to get you on my team.” – Donald D., passenger

“Please let management know that my driver was very personable and professional. I really enjoyed traveling with him and would like to request him for any future transports.” – Gerald O., passenger

“ I was leaving work today, which is located in the large medical complex and passed by your driver who was with a passenger in van 1301. I’ve been in the health care field for quite a while and rarely do I see the kind of compassion that your driver was showing for his passenger. I don’t have any other words but fantastic and exceptional…I just had to let someone know.” – Melanie, health care professional

“This was our first experience with NEMT and we, especially my wife, were rather nervous about it. It went so well that we’ve scheduled another transport for tomorrow. Both drivers were very prompt, courteous, and made us both feel very comfortable and secure. Thank you.” – Mr. and Mrs. M., passengers

“There is not another company that has the level of service that QTS provides and your customer service team is like family to us. You are always our first choice.” – Elizabeth W., client

“It is my absolute pleasure to share our experience with QTS with you. This past weekend we had a very challenging transport for you. We were contacted by the hospital to transport a family back home to Texas. The challenge was the patient’s condition was day to day. We originally scheduled this trip for Saturday. Saturday morning we were contacted by the Medical Staff. The patient’s condition was worse and they were unsure if he would be able to travel. I contacted your dispatch center Saturday morning and advised them of the 50/50 chance of not going. Their customer service to me was on par.”

“Our Paramedic, arrived at 10:30 and immediately starting performing an assessment and working with the medical team to make a quick determination. Your driver arrived right on time and immediately made contact with our Paramedic who informed me he felt awful telling driver that we were a no go. He said your driver was great about it and very professional. I also contacted your dispatch center and let them know we would try again for Monday or Tuesday. My conversation with them was again very professional.”

“Sunday night I contacted your dispatch center to advise them the hospital was ready to try again Monday. Dispatch had kept all of our information and had already moved our appointment to Monday morning. Very efficient use of our previous conversations and information. Monday morning arrived and again, the patient’s condition had changed. It wasn’t until 9:40 that we were finally given the green light from the hospital to perform the transport. They knew we were on the bubble again and now suddenly here I was calling QTS at 9:45 saying I need you by 11:00. Let’s just say that your team was a lot more calm than I was. “

“Your driver arrived a few minutes early and immediately started assisting the Paramedic and I with patient packaging. Absolutely zero problems getting our patient and his wife to the van and arriving on time to Sky Harbor. Your driver kept a very positive conversation going with family while I finished the antibiotic IV treatment the patient was receiving. At the airport, your driver did everything he could to make the transition as easy and positive as possible. Another true professional.”

“I know I spoke with 3 different individuals in your dispatch center over the 3 separate days. They did an awesome job.”

“We utilized another medical transport company in Texas. They were good, but QTS was great! From the cleanliness of the equipment and van, appearance and attitude of the drivers, customer service and compassion of your dispatchers, to an unsolicited correction in our billing…truly wonderful.”

“My only complaint – I wish you were nationwide! Please pass on my thank you to your team and I very much look forward to continuing our partnership going forward.” – Seth B., client

“You do an exceptional job every time. Your drivers make my transport for treatment very enjoyable which is very hard to do”. – Jonathan P., passenger

“I received a call from your CSR to confirm my transport for tomorrow and let her know that I had another appointment that same afternoon that should have been set up with you. The CSR said that she would call and make sure that everyone was on the same page with my social worker and the doctor’s office, just in case the appointment had been cancelled or if they had other transportation scheduled for that particular appointment. She called me back to let me know that although the appointment wasn’t on their schedule and neither the doctor’s office or my social worker had this scheduled, she was able to set it up for me and also had a confirmation number so there shouldn’t be any issues when I arrive for my appointment. I had to stop and let her know (and you) that I deal with many forms of transportation services and QTS has been the best. Everyone I speak to at your office has wonderful personalities. I’m not sure if it is training or just the people, but it’s a great mix. Even though your employee thought she was “just doing her job”, I told her in my eyes, she stepped up and went to bat for me. She took her time to make my situation right and that deserves recognition.” – Tim L., passenger

“I don’t know what I would’ve done this morning had it not been for my driver. He noticed that something wasn’t right and stopped to pick up something on our way to get my sugars back up. I am so grateful and just want you and the driver to know that.” – Mrs. G., passenger

“I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed my transport. Both of the drivers who transported me were simply tremendous. During my career in D.C. I did a lot of hiring and I know that you can always teach skills but the professionalism and compassion that your drivers embody cannot be taught. Your team has the qualities that every company pines for. It’s not easy to meet a stranger and make them feel comfortable for a 4 hour transport, but the way your team handled everything was exceptional.” – Jean L., passenger

“I appreciate everything that QTS does for the veterans. I love your entire team. Everyone I speak to is always ready to go above and beyond to make sure I get all of my transports arranged and that each take place without issue.” – Mr. Metcalf, passenger

“Your whole staff is a pleasure to work with.” – Ruby, client

with Banner Alzheimer’s Residence called to report how wonderful Roberto is. She was present when Roberto transported Mr. Rix from BAR to RCA and she said that “Roberto is extremely caring and attentive to the patient’s needs.” – Christie, client

“This evening when I was leaving to head home I observed your driver loading passenger in the parking lot. He absolutely made my day. The driver was so kind and caring, just the way you would want someone to care for you or your loved one. If I should ever need this type of service, I want him to drive me.” – Michelle S., RN from a neighboring medical facility

“I just wanted to thank everyone for all of their help over the past 6 weeks of transportation services. Your drivers have been great and I couldn’t have done it without you.” Mr. Raymond K – passenger

“I had to call to tell you that my driver this morning was outstanding. He was so enthusiastic and well, just incredible! He made me smile and even though I’m blind, I could tell that he was a very good driver. All of your drivers are great but this one happens to be the best in my book.” Mr. Hugo F.- passenger

“I have nothing but very high praises for the driver who transported us yesterday. He was very courteous and professional. I will definitely use QTS again.” Mary B. – client

“The driver who transported our resident Mrs. S was wonderful! He was very polite and helpful during the whole process; really taking the time to explain everything so she was comfortable and at ease for the transport.” Janie – client

“Although we use you our patient transports, yesterday I set up transport for my mother from the hospital to our rehab facility. I just have to say that the driver was remarkable. He took the time to explain everything that was going on and even turned on the heater for her because she was cold, even though it was already a toasty 85 degrees outside. I am extremely pleased with the transport and sincerely appreciate his caring and attentive treatment.” Ruby – client

“I just wanted to thank you, your team and the driver for providing transportation for one of our members this morning. She was very grateful and wanted to make sure that I pass on her gratitude and appreciation as well.” Oly – Client

“Thank you for transporting us today. This is the first time we have used your service and we just loved our driver. He really was just wonderful. He said we would be happy with the entire team, but I told him that I’m going to ask for him because we are going to use QTS whenever we need a ride.” Mr. and Mrs. E – passengers

“I called this morning to see if you could transport one of my patients because the transportation provider scheduled to do so is over an hour late. After receiving a call from the patients family who said the absolutely loved you, I’d like to schedule 3 more transports for today and set up an account with QTS.” John – Client

I am really impressed with your company. I’ve ridden with you several times over the last month and each time has been PERFECT. – Mr. Wilfred M – passenger

“I live in Sun City and wanted you to know that although there are many options to choose from and some that are easier on my wallet, I have and will continue to use QTS because I love your drivers.” Mr. and Mrs. Heller -passenger(s)

“I’m writing to express how much I loved my driver today. He was a really gentleman, offered very intelligent conversation and was a delight to be around. I would like to request him for all future transports.” Ms. Celia – passenger

“Your team is like family to us! 🙂 Thank you for all that you do.” Diane, CNO

“I told your business development manager that I already have a preferred transport company, but he convinced me to give your company a chance. I didn’t expect to experience anything that would make me want to change from the company I already know and who is already familiar with the way I like to do things. When he stopped in today to see how everything was going I told him that I had to admit it, I’m officially converted and haven’t looked back. Your customer service team is on the ball. The know it’s before I can say a word and the attention to detail is impressive. Did I mention that I LOVE the electronic confirmations and updates! Thank you.” Heather – client

“The service is excellent and I really appreciate the customer service team – they are extremely helpful.” Mrs. G – client

“I believe your service is excellent!” Thelma J

“I’d like to add my experience with QTS to the many I’ve heard all over the valley. I recently was scheduled for cataract surgery. I used the service three times during my episode. Three trips…three different drivers…all of whom were punctual, neat and courteous. They were conversational if I chose to be and quiet if I chose to be. I would highly recommend their services to anyone for any transportation needs. I’ve also had a nice professional relationship with the company’s Community Relationship Manager, Alice Blackmore, attending the same net-working meetings over the past three years. In our economically challenged and competitive atmosphere, it’s really refreshing to recommend a company so well managed and filling a real need for a wide spectrum of folks here in our valley. I wish them all the best in the future.” – Dr Dave J

I wanted to let you know of the very positive expeince we had last night with your driver, Randy. I was at … with my friend about 6pm when Randy arrived to take her to …. He was extremely friendly, patient and caring. He told us what we can expect, helped me get her ready and contacted the nursing staff at the hospital to make sure they provided everything we needed. He made the move very easy and pleasant. Thanks Randy!– Deb O

I want to compliment your two drivers – Sergio and Gabe. They were both fine gentlemen and did a great job with my transportation today. Thank you. – Mr. G

I wanted to personally thank Mike L for the care he showed my father during transport back to his facility. I would like for Mike to have my number so I can thank him herself. Its very important for him to know how appreciative and grateful I am.  – Jill (Mr. F’s daughter)

“I wanted to let you know what a pleasure it is to work with a transport company that is as customer focused as yours. Your office staff is always courteous and professional. In the rare instance of any schedule changes, your staff always informs us and the hospital. Your drivers treat our clientele with kindness and compassion. I have worked with Quality Transport for over three years and have been very satisfied with the service you provide.” – Admissions Director

“I used your service for the first time to bring my father home from the hospital after he fell. I want to recommend your driver as excellent. He was very careful and saw he was buckled in to the vehicle correctly. Thank you for providing a good service.” – Daughter

“I want to thank you for your excellent service when you transported by mother to my Dad’s funeral. You were there on time, you got her to all the destinations and got her home in a timely fashion. Had you not done so, it would have been a major problem for us. I so appreciate the fact that I did not have to worry about her being where she wanted and needed to be at the proper time. I know she is also appreciative.” – Daughter

“Thank you so much for all that you do for my mother-in-law. You really make a difference in her life. You guys are the best.” – Son