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Happy Father’s Day!





To Our Favorite Customer!

It may be hot outside, but at QTS we’ve got the AC cranked up, and we’re all ready for Monsoon season.

Please call us for all your assisted transportation needs. Whether it’s a doctor’s appointment, a baseball game, or just dinner out and a show, QTS is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We are proud to serve the entire valley with our modern fleet of wheelchair and stretcher equipped vehicles. And if you are looking to head out of town to avoid the heat – we can help too.

Do you have a specific question or concern? Please give our friendly and professional customer service team a call.

The Newsletter Team


“The experience is equal to the quality of the people involved” Unknown






June is National Men’s Health Month!

The goal of Men’s Health Month is to heighten the awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men.

Men’s Health Facts (CDC):

Men have higher death rates for all 15 leading causes of death, with the exception of Alzheimer’s disease.

The #1 cause of death across men of all age groups is heart disease.

70% of the men who are diagnosed with cancer each year have either prostate or colon cancer.

Men represent 50% of the work force, yet account for 94% of all on-the-job fatalities.

Men are less likely to see themselves as ill or susceptible to disease or injury when they are in fact more susceptible.

Women go to the doctor four times more frequently than men do. 36% of men said they only go to the doctor when they are “extremely sick.”

So, unless there’s a problem, men aren’t going to the doctor for prevention. The fact is that many health issues are not detectable until it’s too late. It certainly wouldn’t be advisable to ignore high cholesterol or high blood pressure until there’s physical evidence of advanced heart disease.




June is also National Safety Month

Safety Is No Accident

National Safety Month is a critical opportunity to focus on preventative education at home and at work. Adhering to good common sense is an active process. It starts with being mindful of everyday activities that can lead to serious accidents and injuries. In the end, workplace safety is the responsibility of everyone.

Refrain from talking or texting on your cell phone while driving.

Safe drivers are always defensive, watching out for obstacles and other drivers in every situation.

Practice proper safety by disinfecting surfaces, washing your hands thoroughly, and wearing protective equipment when applicable.

Be aware of potential tripping hazards, such as clutter and cords.

Don’t ignore the importance of an ergonomic workstation. Your feet should reach the ground, arms resting on a wrist rest when typing, and your chairs should provide good lumbar support.

Avoid heat-related illness by staying hydrated. Drink water every 15 minutes, even if you’re not thirsty. Rest in the shade and wear protective clothing and a hat.

Avoid injuries due to improper lifting techniques by keeping your back straight with your body centered over your feet, pull your stomach in firmly, and pull object or person close to you. To turn, move your feet, never twist your back.

You know what they say….It’s better to be safe than sorry!


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Brenisha W.

Customer Service Specialist

What makes QTS different?

We’re different because the people who work here are here for far more than a paycheck. Each transport is important to us. It’s evident everyone has the passengers’ best interest at heart and it shows when speaking with their family members.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy the appreciation that our passengers and clients express. It’s really good feeling to know that people truly appreciate the time and effort we put into making sure every detail is covered and each transport goes smoothly. It feels good to know that they can count on us for whatever they need. I also love the calls from our passengers and clients who want to tell me about how great their driver was…it means a lot to me.

What would you like our clients to know about QTS?

I want everyone to know that QTS is a cut above the rest! From the drivers to the office staff, everyone is a joy to be around and really passionate about what they do.

Would I want my grandparents to be transported by QTS?

With all bias aside. . .I can positively say YES!