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January 2014 Newsletter
Happy New Year!


To our Favorite Customer!

Welcome to 2014!

Our best wishes to you, and your families and loved ones, for a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!

Thank you for riding with us. Your confidence in us motivates us to reach for the highest standards of performance.

We are always working to improve our capabilities and service levels to give you the best.

Safety, Reliability, Value – it’s what we’re all about.

The Newsletter Team
602 371 1000


Breaking News…

As you may have heard, there are significant changes in Phoenix area non-emergency medical transportation due to a large provider suddenly ceasing operations.

Please know that we are doing all we can to quickly increase our capacity – and meet the needs of our existing – and new – customers.

As of this minute, we are adding trained drivers and new vehicles to our fleet. While we are already one of the largest providers in the valley, we are expanding to meet your needs.

For QTS, safety comes first. So, while we work quickly to add to our fleet, we thank you for your patience.

We are available 24 hours a day, every day. Please call us or use our on-line reservation system.

Thank you.



Seasonal Flu

Yes – even here in sunny Arizona, the seasonal flu is coming. There is still time to get your shot. Do it today!

Unlike symptoms of a common cold, flu symptoms usually come on suddenly. It often starts with the abrupt onset of fever, headache, fatigue, and body aches. Here’s a list of flu symptoms you might feel:
fever (usually high)
severe aches and pains in the joints and muscles and around the eyes
generalized weakness
ill appearance with warm, flushed skin and red, watery eyes
dry cough
sore throat and watery discharge from your nose
Seasonal influenza is not usually associated with gastrointestinal symptoms, like diarrhea and vomiting, at least not in adults. However, these symptoms appear with stomach flu, which is a popular but inaccurate term for gastroenteritis.

– WebMD


Mike T.
QTS Driver

What makes QTS different?

I would suggest that it’s something that people have to experience for themselves.

What motivates you as a driver?

I enjoy meeting the people we transport and admire their determination to overcome whatever physical obstacles and challenges they may be facing.

What do you think our client’s should know about QTS?

I think they should know how passionate the company is as whole. I’ve never worked for a company where every single person pushed day in and day out to make sure they exceed the client’s and passengers expectations. Everyone is driven to do their very best.