What is NEMT?

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Cost Effective, Comfortable and Safe Alternative to Ambulances

Assisted Transportation, commonly known as Non-Emergency Medical Transportation or “NEMT”, is a form of transportation which is provided in non-emergency, routine, situations. Ambulances and other emergency transport vehicles are used when the goal of the transport is to get the patient from one location to another while offering medical support. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911.

A candidate for Assisted Transportation is medically stable, but still in need of additional transportation assistance. For example, wheelchair or stretcher bound individuals who require transport to and from dialysis, rehab, or relocating to a new residence or facility. Likewise, often patients or individual with mobility limitations may also utilize NEMT services to maintain personal freedom, such as attending family events, run personal errands, and all the various day-to-day activities that otherwise, they may not be able to do.

Hospitals, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Hospices,  Rehabilitation Centers, and In-Home Care Services use non-emergency transport to transfer patients, as a safe, cost effective method to transport their residents and patients.  The expense of utilizing an Ambulance is significant and unwarranted unless the individual requires life saving services while in transport.