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Integrated Software Systems for Reliability and Productivity

Our integrated software systems employ numerous technical advances and techniques, such as:

  • Eligibility Verification
  • Identification of Special Needs
  • Determination of the Appropriate Form of Transport
  • Maintenance of Rider’s Trip History

Effective and efficient information management is essential in providing a high performance, quality orientated transportation management system. Our demand responsive transit software integrates cutting edge mapping and routing technologies with user friendly interfaces.  This high-tech software also includes an integrated Geographic Information System (GIS) with mapping capabilities that displays locations, trips, and schedules for enhanced analysis and route planning.

Data Entry Efficiency Means Short Call Times

Our system is designed to maximize data entry efficiency through features that allow expedited booking screens and extensive use of tables that eliminate the need to type recurrent information. Passengers are tied to their perspective facility, allowing for a quick glance to confirm eligibility for transportation services. In addition, the passengers transport history and personal preferences are stored in the system and imported into each new trip to decrease processing time. 

HIPAA Compliance

All QTS policies, protocols, and processes are in line with strict HIPAA guidelines.  In addition, our team receives training and certification on an annual basis to ensure full compliance.  Privacy and security of all passenger and facility data is stored behind a secure firewall and fully encrypted.

The bottom line is higher customer satisfaction, fewer errors and complaints, and a growing QTS reputation as an industry leader.